Mission & Foundations

Trauma-Informed Sex Positive Therapy advocates that:

Healthy empowered sexuality is an important part of any definition of health and healing. We recognize and honor that our clients are sexual, in being and behavior, and deserve treatment that addresses sexual concerns and goals at all stages of treatment.

Sexual pleasure and expression are healthy instincts and we do not need to be frightened of them or deny their role in client’s lives. Empowered sexuality has healing potential for us all.

Consent and non-violence are paramount. We respect each person’s timing, pace, and ability to make choices, in their personal lives and in therapy treatment. We support a client-centered definition of sexual health, based on a person’s unique identity, values, ethics, preferences and diverse experiences.

The experience of trauma is overwhelming. Pathologizing a person’s struggle to process trauma is not helpful; instead we focus on their survival tools, physiological regulation skills, and resiliency.

Trauma, personal and cultural, must be addressed as a part of our world. We do not deny the wounds related to sexuality in enthusiasm to be sex-positive. We channel our grief, confusion, and anger to seek new paradigms and to strengthen our support of survivors.

We understand trauma as systemic and will continue to work to change the status quo toward more social justice and protection of human rights, celebration of diversity, and compassion-based communities.

Our understanding of healthy attachment includes a diversity of sexual and relational choices and expressions, including a spectrum of non-monogamy, kink, & fluidity of self identity & presentation.


Therapeutic Foundations 

Trauma-Informed Sex Positive Therapy is a phased model - 1)Stabilization & Resourcing, 2)Processing Trauma & Meaning- Making, & 3)Integration & Expansion - focusing on a foundation of emotional & physiological regulation and strength as the starting point for trauma recovery. Innovating within the field of trauma by incorporating healthy sexual skills building & active sexual empowerment throughout each phase of treatment, our training & commitment to continuing education includes being up to date on inclusive, sex-positive research and sexual rights advocacy.

Informed by current trauma research we utilize somatic & mindfulness-based therapy interventions primarily, but clinicians are encouraged to find their own style and to draw on previous models they have studied. This is an experiential, client-focused therapy model which requires the clinician to be genuine, compassionate, and self-aware.